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Fair Attendee Registration and Information

Fall 2020 Registration is now Open!

Our upcoming Fall 2020 College2Career Fairs season has been designed to create virtual recruitment opportunities through a virtual college experience.

Our recruitment campaign includes:

  • Prioritizing high school senior participation at our fairs
  • Implementing a first-time California IB Virtual Fair
  • Continuing our outreach to Community College students and faculty

Fall 2020 Virtual Fair Information

Priority Audiences: High School Seniors and Community College Students statewide

Session Moderators: Counselors, Program Advisors, Community College staff, independent education consultants and other academic and career pathway personnel

We are offering two ways to participate:

Career Highlight sessions will attract students who have an interest in an identified career area. As you share a big picture of your college, please make sure to include information about the career highlight area.

Individual College Info sessions are your opportunity to go into depth on what makes your college a great out-of-state or international college choice for California students.


Our unique approach to promoting out-of-state and international colleges in California includes:

  • Integrating our College2Career Fairs Connect information with the PLEXUSS platform
  • Offering student registration by working with StriveScan
  • Providing college recruiters with an ongoing listing of high schools and programs registered to attend our fairs
  • Providing virtual session moderators from participating high schools and community colleges

We also:

  • Coordinate a 6 week pre-fair information campaign that connects college planning to career pathways
  • Maintain college information* on our College2Career Fairs Connect page that includes:
    • Admissions Page
    • Hidden Gems
    • AP/IB/WUE policies

*This information starts with your registration and remains on our College2Career Fairs Connect website for 4 months after the fair.

Average Number of Interest Cards Collected

Average Number of Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors Attending


High Schools Arrive with CTE Student Organizations & Programs


High Schools Arrive with IB, AP and Honors Student Programs


Students Arrive with Barcodes for Scanning

I have been attending these fairs for 2 years and they are such a great way to touch students at schools I don’t ordinarily visit or have time to visit. They are well organized and the company is very welcoming. Great Job!


– Aja Bar, University of Dayton

Amazing. I like the diversity of colleges and programs for every student need.


– Jessie Cruz, Compton High School Higher Education Coordinator

Out-of-State colleges provide opportunities for California students to study majors that may be impacted in California colleges.


– Kevin Darr, Arcadia High School Counselor

College2Career Fairs unique focus on college programs and career pathways is an important opportunity for students looking to find programs that will prepare them for the real world.


– Grace Cho, Gladeo Co-Founder

So many WUE options for our California students. Well done. Appreciated the time to come early to speak with the college representatives.


– Janice Royal, Royal College Consulting

The presence of WUE colleges was great. Thank you for doing this - it can be difficult for our students to get much information about out-of-state options.


– Robin Nelson, Artesia High School AVID Coordinator

Love the colleges listed under career pathways.


– Gabriel Soumakian, Consultant Soup du Jour

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