Frequently Asked Questions

What is a College2Career Fair?

Our fairs consist of a 3 hour out-of-state and international college recruiting event, held on a weekday, in a community center or other off-campus venue. Our goal is to provide quality higher education options to interested and qualified academic and career pathway program students.

When are College2Career Fairs held?

Our fairs are scheduled for fall and spring, usually in October and April.

Which colleges and universities are invited to participate?

We invite accredited out-of-state and international colleges and universities. California colleges and universities, as well as private post-secondary institutions, are not invited to our fairs. We look for colleges and universities that demonstrate a commitment to “college2career” success including internship and cooperative education programs.

What type of students are invited to College2Career Fairs?

We invite high school juniors and seniors that are in academic and career pathway programs. Our spring Fairs include sophomores, juniors and uncommitted seniors.

We also invite community college students in Honors, Transfer, International and Veterans Programs.

How many students typically attend a College2Career Fair?

Our average attendance at a fair is approximately 400 students. Typically, 15 to 20 high school counselors and academic/career advisory personnel accompany their students to our fairs.

Why should my college or university register for a College2Career Fair?
  1. No California Colleges will be at our fairs. We focus exclusively on Out-of-State and International College and University recruitment.
  2. We invite only juniors and seniors to our Fall Fair season. Spring Fairs include sophomores, juniors and uncommitted seniors. Invited students are engaged in college-level academic and career pathway programs.
  3. We begin promoting your college by sharing information with participating high schools prior to the fair.
  4. Our free breakfast burritos and Starbucks coffee are to die for!
Do you offer student barcode scanning?

We have partnered with StriveScan to bring electronic student scanning to all of our college fairs. Using the StriveScan mobile app, college representatives will be able to easily scan students’ barcodes to collect their information. This will save your institution the time and expense of processing hundreds of paper inquiry cards, while being environmentally-friendly and allowing students more time to have valuable conversations. 

StriveScan is included with your fair registration.

Do you provide a barcode scanner?

StriveScan is exclusively a mobile app that can be used on iPhones, Androids, and iPads. StriveScan is included with your fair registration. For more information contact StriveScan at